TM “Rohatynska” partner of the festival “Halytsian knighthood”
On September 7-8 in the town of Halych on the Castle Hill a festival of historical reconstruction “Halytsian knighthood” was held. For the second year in a row, TM Rohatynska is a partner of this event. During the festival, knightly tournaments were held in the territory of Halych Castle, where ...
З Днем Незалежності України!
З національним святом українського народу – Днем Незалежності – ми щиро вас вітаємо! Благополуччя, щастя, радості, натхнення, Добра, здоров’я й злагоди бажаємо. Нехай це свято вам наснаги додає, В майбутнє краще доля стежку прокладе. ...
TM “Roksolana” on a family holiday in Lviv
On May 25, an event celebrating the Mother’s Day and International Family Day was held in Lviv. This is an annual family quest from FM “Galycyna”! To go through the quest is a great opportunity for families to relax, working as a team for tasks and interesting trials. The quest ...
TM Rohatynska and TM Roksolana – an exclusive water sponsor tournament “ARENA FIGHT NIGHT”
On September 29th, ARENA FIGHT NIGHT Tournament was held at the ORLEN ARENA in Plock, Poland. The exclusive water sponsor of the event was TM Rohatynska and TM Roksolana. Ukrainian and Polish athletes from kickboxing took part in the tournament. TM Rohatynska and TM Roksolana systematically support athletes of various ...
Rules of drinking water
In July, the sun goes on for the winter, and summer is on the heat. Folk sign July is the winter zenith, its equator. This month – is one of the hottest. At high temperatures, a person begins to sweat more, which means that his body is rapidly losing fluid ...
Water «Rohatynska» – a natural antioxidant!
Reducing immunity is a common occurrence that occurs with the human body in the spring. The immune system plays an important role in protecting the body against diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, stress and depression, bad habits and the negative effects of polluted environment. To enhance your immunity, you need ...
Relax with TM “Rohatynska!”
Summer is in full swing, so do not waste time, but enjoy the sun’s rays on vacation. Come along on a bike and travel the beautiful corners of our region. And what a journey without water? Mineral water TM “Rohatynska” will provide you active rest, as has antioxidant defenses of ...
“Getting ready for the holidays with TM” Rohatynska! “
TM “Rohatynska“ offers advance to take care of mineral water on your holiday table. To do this, we suggest you purchase a promotional set consisting of 2-bottle water volume of 1.5 liters, the price of one bottle. From 01 to 30 April 2016 buy promotional kit, which includes a bottle ...
“Action 1 + 1” from TM “Roksolana”!
Attention residents Ivano-Frankivsk and Ivano-Frankivsk region! Meet the wonderful seasonal offer from TM “Roksolana”. From 03 March to 17 March 2016 buy mineral water “Roksolana”volume of 1.5 liters of highly in retail stores “Slovianka” Save: buying a bottle of water TM “Roksolana”, volume of 1.5 liters. You get a second ...
Рогатинська вітає з Новим роком та Різдвом Христовим!
Хай Новий рік у вишиванці Розбудить Вас щасливо вранці, І принесе у Вашу хату – Усмішку й радощів багато. Розбудить приспані надії, Зерном і щастям Вас засіє, Зігріє миром і любов’ю І подарує Вам здоров’я! ...
Support FC “Karpaty” – a combination of football and health. As a partner, we chose a dynamic football team Western Ukraine, which is part of the elite of Ukrainian football. FC “Karpaty” – a club with a long history and its own traditions. The team that every time gives a ...
Meet the mineral water from the historic name “Roksolana”!
We are pleased to mineral water “Roksolana”. TM Roksolana – a mineral water that is produced in an ecologically clean area of ​​the Carpathian natural spring bottled on-site extraction in accordance with international norms bottling of natural mineral waters. This in turn suggests the complete safety of all its natural ...
Rohatynska hails from the spring!
Let the first Snowdrop Gives you a tenderness! The spring sun brings warmth! Spring wind brings hope, And happiness and joy and only Good!   With the first breath of spring make gulp health with Rohatynska! ...
“Action 4 + 2” TM “MY”!
Attention residents Lviv and Lviv region! Meet the fantastic seasonal offer from TM “MY.” From 16 November to 29 November 2014 buy mineral water “Rohatynska Dzerelna” of highly volume of 1.5 l in retail stores network “Rukavychka ” and save: buying a promotional pack of 6 bottles, you pay the ...
Mineral water Rohatynska – winner of Grand Prix «BEST DRINK 2014″
The fifth international professional tasting competition drinks «BEST DRINK 2014″ in Kiev, conducted by ACCO International. This annual competition is held to fill the consumer market of Ukraine with high quality products. The contest allowed domestic and foreign drinks which are manufactured according to specifications (materials, structure, technology), placed them ...
Rohatynska – health in every drop!
TM Rohatynska introduced consumers to a video that explains the main purpose of the water, the source of life on Earth. Nature gives us water, filling every drop of his strength and energy. Solar energy, the force of the rain, salubrity morning dew intertwined in a drop of water “Rohatynska”. ...
Antioxidant properties of mineral water Rohatynska
Water – a source of life on Earth, not one cell of a living organism can not exist without it. Accordingly, there can be no water and the human body itself. The importance of water to humans is so great that for the normal life he must drink at least ...
TM Rohatynska – Partner of the festival
TM Rohatynska was a partner of the Festival of Children’s Entertainment, which took place on September 22 in Ivano-Frankivsk. Full day Sightseeing in square kids sang, danced, and were making amused. Also, many children took part in competitions and master classes, receiving gifts, chastuvalysya more. The highlight of the celebration ...
Mineral water “Rohatynska” is your antioxidant defense
Its no secret that without water man can not live because it is a source  of vitality . But nowadays the amount of water suitable for consumption is becoming smaller . So people now more often have to buy water . The bottled water market is sufficiently developed there are ...
Natural salubrity Rohatynska mineral
This mineral water was produced by The Ukrainian – Polish Joint Stock Company “Halplast” Limited from 1998 , when on the edge of the village Lutchyntsi of Rohatyn district the well was drilled of 80-meters depth . In that time the analysis of the water , extracted from that well ...
Open an updated company website
Dear visitors to our site in May 2012, we launched an updated website LTD SP Halplast www.rohatynska.com.ua. Here you can find the prices of our products, get information about the company. In the «Products» presents a complete range of mineral waters and sugary Rohatynska. In the «Testing» you can find ...


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