TM Rohatynska and TM Roksolana – an exclusive water sponsor tournament “ARENA FIGHT NIGHT”
On September 29th, ARENA FIGHT NIGHT Tournament was held at the ORLEN ARENA in Plock, Poland. The exclusive water sponsor of the event was TM Rohatynska and TM Roksolana. Ukrainian and Polish athletes from kickboxing took part in the tournament. TM Rohatynska and TM Roksolana systematically support athletes of various ...
Rules of drinking water
In July, the sun goes on for the winter, and summer is on the heat. Folk sign July is the winter zenith, its equator. This month – is one of the hottest. At high temperatures, a person begins to sweat more, which means that his body is rapidly losing fluid ...
Water «Rohatynska» – a natural antioxidant!
Reducing immunity is a common occurrence that occurs with the human body in the spring. The immune system plays an important role in protecting the body against diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, stress and depression, bad habits and the negative effects of polluted environment. To enhance your immunity, you need ...
Relax with TM “Rohatynska!”
Summer is in full swing, so do not waste time, but enjoy the sun’s rays on vacation. Come along on a bike and travel the beautiful corners of our region. And what a journey without water? Mineral water TM “Rohatynska” will provide you active rest, as has antioxidant defenses of ...
“Getting ready for the holidays with TM” Rohatynska! “
TM “Rohatynska“ offers advance to take care of mineral water on your holiday table. To do this, we suggest you purchase a promotional set consisting of 2-bottle water volume of 1.5 liters, the price of one bottle. From 01 to 30 April 2016 buy promotional kit, which includes a bottle ...


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