Rohatynska – health in every drop!
TM Rohatynska introduced consumers to a video that explains the main purpose of the water, the source of life on Earth. Nature gives us water, filling every drop of his strength and energy. Solar energy, the force of the rain, salubrity morning dew intertwined in a drop of water “Rohatynska”. ...
Antioxidant properties of mineral water Rohatynska
Water – a source of life on Earth, not one cell of a living organism can not exist without it. Accordingly, there can be no water and the human body itself. The importance of water to humans is so great that for the normal life he must drink at least ...
TM Rohatynska – Partner of the festival
TM Rohatynska was a partner of the Festival of Children’s Entertainment, which took place on September 22 in Ivano-Frankivsk. Full day Sightseeing in square kids sang, danced, and were making amused. Also, many children took part in competitions and master classes, receiving gifts, chastuvalysya more. The highlight of the celebration ...
Mineral water “Rohatynska” is your antioxidant defense
Its no secret that without water man can not live because it is a source  of vitality . But nowadays the amount of water suitable for consumption is becoming smaller . So people now more often have to buy water . The bottled water market is sufficiently developed there are ...
Natural salubrity Rohatynska mineral
This mineral water was produced by The Ukrainian – Polish Joint Stock Company “Halplast” Limited from 1998 , when on the edge of the village Lutchyntsi of Rohatyn district the well was drilled of 80-meters depth . In that time the analysis of the water , extracted from that well ...


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