History of foundation of the Ukrainian – Polish Joint Stock Company “Halplast” Limited

History of foundation of the Ukrainian – Polish Joint Stock Company “Halplast” Ltd dates back to September 1995 , when the company was first established in Rohatyn as JSC “Halplast” and it specialized in the manufacture and sale of PET-bottle . In April 1998 was re-registration of the company from JSC “Halplast” to JSC”Halplast” Limited and changed the location from Rohatyn to the outskirts of the village Luchyntsi Rohatyn district . Namely in the area . the first well was drilled to the depth of 80 meters . Analysis of water from that well was made by Odessa Reseach Institute of Baneology and Medical Rehabilation .

According to the conclusion it was shown that this water , according to chemical composition and quality is bicarbonate-sulphate sodium of low salinity 2.0 – 4.0 g/dm3 , slightly alkaline . It is characterized by a set of properties determine it as the mineral treatment table water during industrial spill . It was given the name – “Rohatynska” .

This year the company has bought a mineral water bottling line and began mass production of water . The company received special license for subsoil use .

Next phase of the enterprise development became the production of natural table water “Rohatynska dzherelna” , fruit soft drink , bottled drinking water and vinegar . After purchasing 3 more lines there appeared the possibility of production of bottled water ( capacity of 0.5 l and 2.0 l ) .

In 2005 the company has certified the quality management system in relation to production mineral water in PET-bottles , soft drinks in accordance with ISO 9001-2009 .

Currently it is a modern enterprise with it own PET -Bottle line , glass bottle line and PET-bottle line of different capacity : 0.5 l , 1.5 l , 2.0l ,  6.0 l , 18.9 l .

The enterprise has its own certified of each batch of a finished product .

Currently the product range is very difference . It is natural mineral treatment table water “Rohatynska” , natural mineral table water “Rohatynska dzherelna” , soft drink s in PET-Bottles , fruit soft drinks on a natural basis in glass bottles of 0.5 l , 9 % vinegar .

Enterprise JSC “Halplast” LTD set a goal to take care of the real quality of their products and your health .

We wish you health and longevity .


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