Mineral water “Rohatynska” is your antioxidant defense

Its no secret that without water man can not live because it is a source  of vitality . But nowadays the amount of water suitable for consumption is becoming smaller . So people now more often have to buy water . The bottled water market is sufficiently developed there are 300 producers in Ukraine . How do you make sense of this diversity ?

Choosing water one would listen to the opionions of experts . Ukrainian Scientific Reseach Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology conducted the reseach of water “Rohatynska” . “Halplast” Ltd produced it near the village of Babuhiv of Rohatyn district in Ivano-Frankivsk region. According to the results , due to the use of water “Rohatynska” , There increases the activity of the antioxidant system of  the body .

Antyoxidant system plays an important role – protecting the body from decay products of oxygen . Because oxygen is a strong oxidizing agent and is involved in all chemical reactions in cell and between them .

During these reactions free radicals are formed : anomalous oxygen molecules without electron . Their excessive accumulation is of a harmful effect on the body , not get oxygen and the nutrients , but let bacteria and toxins in . Free radicals disrupts immunity provoke premature aging of person . Scientists believe excessive oxidation of the body is the main cause of disease . The nature came up with antioxidants to find and neutralize free radicals .

Unfortunately the persons own antioxidant system often can not cope with their work due to the effects of adverse environmental factors , poor environment , smoking and other bad habits .

So you need to attract support outside antioxidants . In this respect , mineral water “Rohatynska” is perfect for use .

The specialist of Institute of Geological Sciences was found selenium in water “Rohatynska” . Selenium is part of an enzyme that neutralized dangerous free radicals . It protect the thyroid gland from adverse affects of oxidants . It prevents the formation of tumors , eliminates the effects of toxic elements , promotes the excretion of heavy metals , normalizes the cardiovascular system .

The mineral water “Rohatynska” has other useful properties . If you take this water , it increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood , which stimulates metabolic processes , energy balance , enhances the protective properties of the human body . It activates the recovery hematopoietic system .

The mineral water of Rohatyn deposit contains silicon , that helps to clear the body of toxins and salts , restores flexibility , tendons , articular cartilage , has positive effect on hair and skin . Increases the activity of vascular .

As a result of the use of  “Rohatynska” there improves liver function . It stimulates urine formation processes , activates humoral immune protection . This water has a calming effect on the nervous system , it helps with stress and fatigue . That is why it is useful to drink “Rohatynska” . It has excellent organoleptic properties as being odorless , transparent .

It is unique in chemical composition , because it was such created by nature .  Quality control is carried out in according with ISO 9001-2009 .

Express 29.09.2013



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