Quality policy

The main task of  The Ukrainian – Polish Joint Stock Company “Halplast” Limited – is a continuous improvement of quality and competitiveness of products , customers , satisfaction , providing clearity understanding and accuracy relations with all stakeholders ( society partners , customers , suppliers , employees and business owners ) , continuous improvement of the quality management system .

Efforts of management and personnel focused on how to provide customers support and trust to The Ukrainian-Polish Joint Stock Company “Halplast” Limited as a producer of high quality of mineral water , soft drinks , drinking water “Dzherelna” and vinegars of trade mark “My” and “Rohatynska”.

The quality policy of “Halplast” is based on the following principles of general policy of the company :

– objectively , friendly and equivalent treatment of all clients ;

– accurate execution of internal documents of quality management system , the states standards and other normative documents ;

– quality of products affects the competitiveness and market position of the company ;

– primary importance at the company is given to quality of products and to provide adequate resource to achieve the goals and objectives of quality policy ;

– high responsibility of staff ;

– products reasonable prices support for customers ;

– mandatory planning , accounting and control of all operations in the company , allowing you to maintain quality and optimize price ;

– moral and material incentives for staff is one of the most important factors to improve the quality management system and all business activities .

Activities of the Ukrainian – Polish Joint Stock Company “Halplast” Limited is aimed to meet the specific requirements of the customers and identify the following areas :

– production of mineral waters , soft drinks , vinegar on a high organizational and technical levels that eliminate any deviation from the state standards ;

– awareness of each employee directly involved in achieving high-end at the Ukrainian-Polish Joint Stock Company “Halplast” Limited activity :

– ensure continuous improvement of the system . training of employees in quality and in vocational training ;

– implementation of international and domestic experience in the production of mineral waters ,  soft drinks , non-carbonated drinking water and vinegar ;

– ensure the effective and efficient functioning of all the processes associated with quality management system , their improvement using all the advanced technology and innovation ;

– building a sustainable , mutually beneficial relationships with supplies ;

– formation of high level of requirements to raw materials and to the work organization by our suppliers .


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