Rules of drinking water

In July, the sun goes on for the winter, and summer is on the heat.
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July is the winter zenith, its equator. This month – is one of the hottest. At high temperatures, a person begins to sweat more, which means that his body is rapidly losing fluid and if not replenish its reserves on time, then dehydration may develop.
A reliable indicator of sufficient fluid intake is the lack of a thirst, which appears when the body is dehydrated even by just 1%. Feeling of thirst reflects a very dangerous condition for life – increasing the viscosity of the blood. Therefore, one should not tolerate: it is better to fill the liquid that is absent in the body as soon as possible.
Rules for drinking water:
– you need to take a bottle with cool water 0,5-1 l to the street;
– drinking a few sips of water every 15-20 minutes;
– water drinks half an hour before eating and 1-1.5 hours after it;
– for 1 kg of human weight it is necessary to consume 30 ml of water, and in the heat at least 40 ml.

Drink water for the benefit of your health!


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