Natural salubrity Rohatynska mineral

This mineral water was produced by The Ukrainian – Polish Joint Stock Company “Halplast” Limited from 1998 , when on the edge of the village Lutchyntsi of Rohatyn district the well was drilled of 80-meters depth . In that time the analysis of the water , extracted from that well was conducted in the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of Ministry of Health and as a result the manufacturers received the possibilities 0f its industrial spill . The water was called “Rohatynska” and brought to BS 878 – 93  “Drinking mineral water” . Moreover , the company purchased the line and started realization of mineral water . On the basis of continous research in the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology there was a conclusion drawn that it is sodium bicarbonate – sulfate water of low salinity without specific components with excellent organoleptic properties – colorless , clear , with no taste .

Specialist confirmed , that for chemical composition and sanitary-bacteriological indicators it meets the requirements of the BS and  belongs to the treatments table water .

Water “Rohatynska” for the last 5 years in a now , wins awards of International Drinks Tasting Competition “Best Drink” , held in Kiev . Later the company began to bottle natural table water “Rohatynska dzherelna” . Today the companys products have wide demand in all regions of Ukraine .

The business card of company remains “Rohatynska” . It still experimentally tested in research institutes independently . Considerable archive of research reports on the healing properties of mineral water from Babuhiv deposits was accumulated at JSC “Halplast ” Ltd . We believe it is necessary to consider some fresh conclusions . For example , researchers the Institute of Geological Science in their report , made on the 15 th of August 2011 , state the results of surveys conducted in 2008 – 2011 indicate the stability of mineralization of “Rohatynska” . Researchers have identified that there is a selenium content increase from year to year .

For now , they say , its concentration is that due to multicomponent composition of “Rohatynska” and with the assistance of certain substance , this important for the human body mineral a can act as the main factor of treatment water .

What is this trace mineral and what is its role for our health ? Selenium is found in nature in small amount . Previously it was considered toxic , so its amount in water was regulated . But later as a result of research it appeared that it is necessary for human body in sufficient quantities . Otherwise we do not escape on disaster . For example , summarizing thr results of experiments in different countries . Doctors determined that the unique mineral deficiency can lead to more than 70 kinds of diseases , including disturbance of metabolism , thuroid dysfunction and hormone system , canser and cardiovascular disease , which resulted in many people dieing in the world . In patient who have undergone radiation the content of selenium diminished in the blood . This mineral is a part of enzymes that prevent thr formation of cancerous tumor , the action eliminates toxic elements to like mercury , lead , cadmium , thallium .

Selenium has antioxidant and radioprotective properties , that prevent premature aging – destruction of cells , tissues , organs of the body and increases resistance to ionizing radiation . Because “selenium” therapy offered to all who live in areas affected by the Chornobyl accident or harmful to the atmosphere from industrial plants and the people who spend much time at the computer .

Correction of selenium status of the population , especially children and adolescent vital necessary requirement understood in many countries.  In USA , Scandinavia , Russia there was introduced a program of citizens throught adding to their daily diet of so-called biologically active additives containing certain doses of the mineral .

And not surprisingly . The staff at cancer Institute in the USA have shown that regular consumption of selenium in small doses reduces the risk of cancer by 60 per cent . In Finland by using selenium drugs they decreased by 1.8 the number of cancer diseases , by 2.5 times – hart disease and by 77 per cent of diseases of the endocrine system . Promising alternative to proposals of dietary supplements and pharmacological products experts believe the use of natural mineral water .

What was found out that if the use of this selenium in water , it is better absorbed and thus performs its healing functions .

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