TM “Roksolana” on a family holiday in Lviv

On May 25, an event celebrating the Mother’s Day and International Family Day was held in Lviv. This is an annual family quest from FM “Galycyna”!
To go through the quest is a great opportunity for families to relax, working as a team for tasks and interesting trials. The quest for an incoming exercise began, which cheered all the participants, in particular, the invention of the name and the slogan for the team. There were 10 tasks in total. For each completed task – the teams received bonuses (a certain number of points). On the basis of the scores – the winners who received the main present from the partners of the action were identified.
For the second year in a row, “Galplast” Ltd is a partner of this event. To ensure that the teams successfully passed the quest, we took care of the participants by presenting the mineral water of TM “Roksolana”.


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