Targets in the field of the guality

1. Improvement of the implemented quality management system the Ukrainian – Polish Joint Stock Company “Halplast” Limited in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2009 , it certification and continuous improvement /

2. The quality – primarily  ,  the profit – its derivative /

3. The customer satisfaction . establishing and maintaining direct interrelation with the customers to explore and to ensure its current and future needs and expectations .

4. Development of new competitive products that meet the needs and expectations of the customers .

5. Familiarize personnel with the requirements of the quality policy and its implementation at all levels of governments and at all levels – from the manager to the worker .

6. Clear definition of the responsibilities of each employee for the quality of work performed .

7. Prevent the recurrence  of non-conformities products , which was found in manufacturing .

8. Introduction of advanced technologies in production , improve production processes in order to improve the quality of  enterprise .

9. Creating an . atmosphere in which every employee can fell his/her involvement in enterprise performance and recognition of achievements .


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