Meet the mineral water from the historic name “Roksolana”!

We are pleased to mineral water “Roksolana”. TM Roksolana – a mineral water that is produced in an ecologically clean area of ​​the Carpathian natural spring bottled on-site extraction in accordance with international norms bottling of natural mineral waters. This in turn suggests the complete safety of all its natural properties.
Legendary name Roksolany known in our land since ancient times.
Folk legends give this unusual woman beauty numerous feats. This liberation of slaves from Turkish slavery, is the most powerful influence on the emperor of the Ottoman Empire on non-aggression on native land, is its relationship with mother earth.
As a simple girl-servant with fork, she managed his intelligence, courage to influence the policy of the then largest Ottoman Empire. Roksolana changed hardened Muslim tradition nezabula her Ukrainian origin.
This is the name for centuries a symbol of victory and perfection.

A bottle of mineral water TM Roksolana shall always be with you every day
and helps you create your story


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